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Next Generation D-CNN

We develop next generation dististributed CNN with self-immunization algorithm built into our framework 

Autonomous Devices

Industrial and service robots adopted by world leading manufacturers and online e-commerce retailers


Complete visual intelligent navigation beyond simple object (facial) recognition, focusing on behavior identification ,  monitoring, tracking, warning etc.

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Product and Services

We offer free mobile phone client (App); indoor and outdoor kiosks; nature and bird watching binarculars; 

Plus monthly or annual software subscription services 

We have FPGA/ASIC  for Artifical Neural Network Deep Learning Chips, plus all necessary development tools for training ; this FPGA/ASIC is built with PCI-E Card plugging into a cloud server platforms 

Also, we have separate FPGA/ASIC for Artificial Neural Network Machine Learning Inference Engines, at end points such as cameras, IoT gateways, cloud compute edge device, vehicles and boats 

Our custom deep learning chips are proprietary, the low cost and low power consumption is ideal for applications that do not require expensive and power hungry GPUs

Come See us in AZA 2017 Indianapolis, IN

We will present our product and services during AZA 2017 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Sept 27-29, we are featured in AI conference, San Francisco

Oct 1-3rd, we are in Deep Learning ACME


1. We have received funding in the 10's of millions from institutional investors 

2. We are shipping our products by the end of 2017 --stay tuned !

Offering Deep Learning Cloud Computing Services

For clients who decide to adopt out cloud based GPU services, we offer 10% monthly subscription savings 

Augmented Reality Experience Added

We have since added Augmented Reality experience engine to our current client App

Aquarium, Zoo, and amusement park visitors, nature walkers, bird watcher can now experience PokeMon GO like experience with live creatures of interest 


We are A.I experts, graduated from Carnegie-Mellon, MIT, Stanford

Worked at Google. Apple, Nvidia 

We are purely artificial neural network based Deep Learning technology , we do not use any wireless signals, we believe those wireless signals are harmful to animals 

Our Deep Learning Neural Network is our own code, we do not use any public domain frame work at all, as they do not apply to our application; we can license our framework entire source code in C/C++

Plus our FPGA /ASIC is completely available for licensing 


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5201 Great America Pkwy, Suite-3248, Santa Clara, California 95054, United States

(408) 455-1217


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: Closed

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Augmented Reality Feature

Watch your favorite box fish "morph" into a BMW box style car 

Watch your Plants, Flowers Grow

since our technology is identifying, tracking and monitoring dynamic objects, over time; thus, you can watch your favorite animals or plants grow , and decide when to take what actions, such as feeding, more water or fertilizers, or natural or artificial lights :-!)

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For advertisers, please use this page to put your Ads into the natural creatures that we identify, track and monitor